IMPORTANT: Our Online store is temporarily disabled as we develop content and our payment options. You can always get in touch with us via 'Contact Us'

Our website, payment system and content overhaul!


So we have decided to overhaul the website and change some site features and payment options (there was some stuff we didn't like and wanted it changed and/or fixed to give an overall better experience and allow us to better deliver on quality content).

In addition to that mentioned above, we are adding a ton more clean, easy to print 3D printable models. We are also currently developing some exciting new sci-fi wargaming scenery that will be quite perfect for various futuristic tabletop games. This expansion into the sci-fi realm will be a first for us and we look forward to the potential it will bring for gamers all around.

In order for us to undertake everything and juggle the stresses that life throws at us, we were going to shut the site down for a little while. However, we didn't think it was totally necessary so we decided to leave the site up as it is while we work on the various features. In order to make our systems work as intended and to get us to where we need to be we have had to disable the shopping cart and payment option for the temporary time being. We will notify all our customers and members on the mailing list once this has been resolved. As previously, we do not like doing things wrong or the bad way, so having learned from some of our initial customers, we have want to have an overall pleasant experience.

Having the payment system disabled might be an extreme heartache for some of our customers and people wanting to sink their teeth into some more models to print, however, the changes and the way we are undertaking them will be well worthwhile. 

If however, you really really want/need something right now and can't wait to get your hands on something, you can always send us an email at or use the 'Contact Us' tab at the bottom of the page and we can organise an alternative off-site method of payment (such as Paypal).

We promise to try and hurry on our site, but good things take time and we do not ever want to compromise quality for the sake of it. We would rather not sell our models than deliver you a lesser, inferior model. This is especially true through a website and payment system which is not user-friendly. Your patience is much appreciated and hopefully get you 3d printing our terrain soon!

PS: Looking for some of our stuff to print while you wait? Simply mirror your existing models and you can get a few new variations depending on the model!


Optio :)


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