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Wargaming STLs: From the STL to the Table

Greetings all,

We are quite sure many people wonder what our 3D Printed terrain models and kits look like once completely printed. In order to answer the question, we think it is best to show a physically completed set on a tabletop.

Now, the set is not painted yet (as we have been super busy) but we did manage to get some nice undercoating on it. The blog photo above clearly shows the completed 28 mm Mayday Kit all laid out on a tabletop. We cannot wait to get this kit painted and for the holidays to come!

Hope it shows some insight into the final products you can expect to see on your Wargaming board. The important thing to keep in mind when undertaking any 3D printing is that you need a quality 3D model along with some printing know-how. While our models are designed for a very simple set and forget type of printing style, we do however recommend that people understand their own printers and the effects the printer, layer height, temperature, print speed and bed level can have on the prints. Most information relating to these topics or individual printers can be widely found on the internet so don't be afraid to explore topics in more detail and perfect your printing skills!

Also, for those all those who are curious, all Mayday Kit 1 models (the models in the photo above) were printed with a standard domestic printer.
The Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus.

Unitl next time, happy gaming!

Optio :)

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