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About Us

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Our Business

Wargaming STLs was founded in Australia in August, 2017 with the hope of providing cost effective, universal, unique and artistically beautiful terrain solutions for individuals who have access to 3D printers and share a love for tabletop Wargaming. 

We look to create distinguished, universal, digital terrain pieces for all types of tabletop Wargaming and skirmish games which users can download and print in the warmth and comfort of their own home. Some, if not all pieces could easily also be used for scatter terrain, dioramas and display models. By creating 3D print ready .STL files (and .OBJ) we can put the creativity and control into the customers' (and gamers') hands which can effectively result in no two models ever having the exact same finished look.

By allowing our customers to simply digitally download and print our models anywhere in the world we can keep costs very low and delivery times very fast. 


Our Models

Following the purchase of one of our models, the digital download of your .STL/.OBJ files is instantaneous and allows you to open the file straight in your preferred 3D slicing software. You will only need to adjust some minor print preferences in print settings if you so desire. You can even scale the model to the size you require or flip it to create a brand new model. Once your GCODE is generated you can load the file into the 3D printer and watch your battlefield scenery build away in front of you to only to be ready in a matter time. All our models contain recommended print settings to ensure your print comes out looking fantastic. Upon completing the print, you have the power to modify, convert, base, paint or shade the models in any way to match your battlefield landscape! We even suggest using a hairdryer on some finished models to deform and shape the model into a more unique shape which you may prefer.

Our .STL (and .OBJ) models are easy to scale to suit any of our Customers' terrain needs no matter what scale of battle you undertake, provided the print job fits on the print bed. Our models span various categories and tabletop genres so there is always something unique to suit your terrain needs. Most models also come with a base and no base model, the individual model's description in our online store will inform you what is included in your easy purchase. We ensure that every model we create is visually beautiful but also very simple to print at your leisure. Our models include general recommended print settings to utilise for great results so that you can achieve a wonderful print job.

The table below displays the rough dimensions that our terrain models follow.
The designation of the model will be displayed in the model name.



Your Tabletop

Customer experience and satisfaction is our number one priority so we look to release brand new models frequently to allow you to spice up your battlefields with new terrain! We ensure that every model we create looks great and is fit for purpose.

Your models are physically customisable after the print is completed, allowing you to match colour schemes or terrain features you envision. You can glue or paint or melt pieces as you wish!


Our Custom Designed Modelling Service

In addition to our online store models, we also offer a Custom Design Service which puts you in control of the terrain model you always desired on your battlefield! The service allows users to bring their concept and rough sketches to life by completing a simple document that captures all details of the desired model so that we know exactly what you are after and then allow you to collaborate with one of our Designers to bring it to life. Your brand new custom .STL file will then be emailed to you once completed which will become ready to throw into your favourite slicing software to print immediately from the comfort of your own home!




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