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Custom Design Service

Our Custom Design service offers you the ability to design your own 3D Printable Tabletop Wargaming terrain and scenery which will be provided to you in .STL and .OBJ formats.

Our Custom Design service puts you in control of the terrain model you always wanted on your battlefield! The service allows customers to bring their concept and rough sketches to life. Firstly, we request you to fill out a simple template that captures all details of the desired model so that we know exactly what you are after. Next, you email this template to us which opens up and allows you to collaborate with one of our Designers to bring your model concept to the tabletop. Soon enough your new, custom, .STL/.OBJ files will be emailed to you once they are completed. All you will need to do then is throw the file(s) into your favourite slicing software and then print them at your leisure from the comfort of your own home or outsource it to a professional 3D printing service.

To begin designing simply download the blank template (green button) below! Once the template has been filled in, please email the document to:


Download, Fill in and Email us the Template.


Custom Design Modelling Service for 3D Prinable Wargaming Terrain and Scenery




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