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Our Product FAQs


Do I need a 3D Printer to use your products?

Yes and No. Our Products are digital 3D files. Your use of them is up to you as long as they are not used commercially. However, most people will look to print these models for their Tabletop Wargames and in order to print them you will require a 3D Printer... or at least a friend or family member who will allow you to use theirs. :)


What are your Products and what format are they in?

Our Products are digital files (3D models) which are provided in both a .STL and .OBJ file formats. These models are 3D slicing software ready and only need to be compiled as a .GCODE and sent to a 3D printer within minutes. Once printed, they are ready to be cleaned up with a file or sandpaper to remove any 3D printer anomalies. Once done, they can be painted and modified in endless ways.


What do I get when I purchase your Products?

Our Models are provided as a compressed file that contains both .STL and .OBJ 3D model files. When a customer purchases one of our awesome products they are then provided a download link to the files they have purchased (this is also emailed).

Printing Our Products FAQs


Will I need supports to print your Product?

No. Our products do not require supports in your 3D slicing software. In some instances we have breakaway supports modeled into the product. If this is the case it will be mentioned in the product description.


What steps do I need to take in order to print one of your Products?

1. Purchase the Product.

2. Download the File.

3. Open the .STL or .OBJ file in your printer’s 3D Slicing software.

4. Export the .GCODE from the 3D Slicing software with your desired printer settings

5. Load the .GCODE file in your 3D Printer and begin the print.


What 3D Slicing Softare should I use?

There is a number of different 3D slicing software out there. Some are free and some are paid licenses. We design our models to work with the most commonly used 3D Slicers. Any of these configured with your printer will get the job done:
 Cura, Craftware,Slic3r (all free). Simplify3D is a high end paid slicing software.

What temperature should I print your Products at?

It depends on what material you are printing. We recommend printing using PLA filament. Our optimal settings for PLA filament printing is using extruder temperature: 210-215 Degrees C and Hotbed Temperature: 55-60 Degrees C.

But please check your Filament manufacturer information for optimal settings as it may vary.


Can I re-scale the models before I print?

Yes. Once you purchase our models you can resize them in your favourite 3D slicing software to match any scale you desire.


What layer height (resolution) should I print the models at?

Layer height varies based on your preferred quality, 3D slicing software, model size and the 3D printer being used. We recommend printing our models at a layer height of 0.1 mm. Some people who prefer more detail may wish to print at a layer height of 0.06 mm.

What wall thickness should I use to print your Products?

Our optimal wall thickness is 0.8 mm.

What speed should I print your Products at?

Our optimal setting is 60mm/s. You may adjust your own print speeds as you see fit.



What 3D Printer does WGSTL use to print models?

We use a Wanhao Duplicator i3. It gets the job done.


How often do you release new models?

Our model release occurs rather frequently. In general, we aim to release a couple of models every month.


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